Shadow of Leaves on a Wall


Fabiola Go-maro is a versatile multi-media professional with a strong background in the media, entertainment, and streaming industries. Throughout her career, Fabiola has worked across various digital marketing practices, brand development, social media strategies, campaign strategies, and project management. Inspired by creativity and a deep interest in brand strategies and partnerships, she thrives on collaborating with teams and clients to develop innovative solutions.

Fabiola also has a passion for serving and fostering her community, which she channels through her platforms Afrorise and Black Women In Marketing. Two growing online platforms with over 4,000 Black women and men combined. Black Women In Marketing provides cultural insights, marketing services, curated events, and resources beneficial to Black Women leading the marketing industry. Afrorise provides resources for the collective growth of all African professionals shifting and changing the professional space.

Shadow of Leaves on a Wall

work details

Embark on a journey through my diverse portfolio, where I seamlessly fuse creativity with strategy in the realms of social media and content management, events, and branding.


My approach is a harmonious blend of creativity and strategic insight, crafting brand narratives that resonate and leave a lasting impression. From in-depth brand analysis to the meticulous design of visual identities, I work passionately to ensure that each brand I touch not only stands out but also authentically connects with its target audience.

social media/content MANAGEMENT

Explore how my passion for storytelling and proficiency in content management can amplify your brand's presence and engagement in the dynamic world of social media. From crafting engaging social media campaigns to developing content strategies that resonate, my expertise lies in cultivating vibrant online communities. With a keen eye for trends and a strategic approach, I elevate brands by fostering meaningful connections in the digital landscape.


I bring a unique blend of creativity and professionalism to every occasion. With a meticulous eye for detail and a passion for seamless coordination, I specialize in crafting unforgettable experiences. From conceptualization to execution, I thrive in turning ideas into reality, ensuring each event is a perfect reflection of the client's vision.



A showcase of various Brands I’ve been able to work with building onto their Brand identity system. I utilize designing, strategizing, and copywriting skills to enhance brand identity, tone of voice, and values to accurately highlight the Brand’s story and captivate the appropriate audience.


Social Media



Developed a creative digital campaign spotlighting a recent partnership between Dove and Nike to highlight. the purpose, impact, and change that this collaboration is bringing forth.

A video recap as part of a client social media campaign launch sharing light on the extension of her non-profit work in helping the trauma and wellness area for women.


The launch of Peacock’s content library for the 2022 Black History Month campaign. This event commemorated the start of the month’s long celebration to showcase remarkable and impactful films and cinematography from Black creatives within history.


Blessed & Branded - A coordination of a networking event hosted by Black Women in the marketing field for all to foster community, representation, important discussions, and celebration.


Coordinated and executed the planning of Ascend Together - an event organized by Afrorise, designed to empower young professionals through collective growth and networking. This event served as a platform for professionals to connect, learn, and collectively rise.


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